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Connecting with HR Leaders to

enable the future of work

At our recent events, it became evidently clear that to foster adaptability in NZ’s evolving workplace 
environment, HR leaders need to be at the forefront, steering organizational adaptability to changing 
workforce dynamics, business protocols, and the rapidly advancing technology landscape.


The role of HR leaders in navigating talent attraction, development, engagement, and retention, as well as 
technology integration and data analytics, cannot be overemphasized.

Our research shows that NZ’s HR professionals are focusing their efforts in three pivotal areas:

  • Adapting to the Future of Work and Remote Collaboration

  • Talent Attraction, Development, Engagement, and Retention Strategies

  • Technology Integration, Data Analytics, and Decision-Making

Alongside the technology change, is the increasing importance of human factors, leadership, culture, 
and the need for the HR team to drive organisational change.

For over 10 years, we've delivered strategic events to New Zealand’s HR community

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Years of HR

Events in NZ

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In 2024, we're consolidating our efforts to create a unified platform that addresses the above challenges during the 2nd Annual HR Leaders Symposium and co-located People Analytics & HR Data in New Zealand.


Over the span of three days, this Symposium will feature insightful keynotes, case studies, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, all fine-tuned to meet the nuanced needs of New Zealand’s HR sector.


Each session offers the opportunity for delegates to network and explore solutions with vendors in each of the critical areas referenced above.

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